The Almaden

Rebrand Proposal



The Almaden brand is heavily influenced by research in the technology market. The existing brand was becoming stale and in need of an upgraded and modern identity. Due to technology's accelerated evolution in San Jose, the Almaden brand must take on an increased importance in being recognized as a market leader.


We sought to create a fresh logotype that is intuitive, smart and unique. The new identity system will strategically position the building as a dynamic and interchangeable brand mark that references its sophisticated market needs.


The rebrand highlights The Almaden’s current standing as an established presence and appeals to its current sophisticated and contemporary market.

The overall approach elevates The Almaden’s curb appeal and differentiates the property from its competition. The new visual aesthetic accompanied by the building’s upgraded amenities distinguishes The Almaden as the ideal office location.

The rebrand approach is sleek and intrigues a modern and stylistic eye. From the luxurious feel of the icon, careful typography treatment, pops of color, and overall stability of each design variant, each element combined creates the appropriate identity to take The Almaden to the next level.

Color Palette

Logo Concepts


The following is logo variations are to be used when a strong presence is necessary.



The following variations allow a balanced use of white space to provide a minimal design.


The following icons below may be used as social media icons, stamps, seals, etc. The icons are equal parts bold, modern and minimal to complete the desired aesthetic.


The following collateral was designed to complete The Almaden's upgraded brand and identity.