UX/UI Design
UX Research
UX/UI Design
User Testing
Individual Student Project
8 Weeks / 160 Hours
Jul 2021 - Sep 2021
Project Overview
The goal of the project was to establish a trustworthy brand and design a responsive ecommerce site that makes it easy to book time traveling trips and informs users of the safety measures in place for a positive experience.
My Contributions
As the only designer on this project, I was involved in everything from defining the brand and personas, creating flows and wireframes, and creating final UI designs and branding.
The basics:
Who, what and why
This project started with defining the brand, its competitive set and its target audience. I ultimately wanted to know if people were interested in time travel and what they needed from booking websites so that I could cater to users’ desires and lead them towards purchasing time travel packages. I did market research with a competitive analysis to gauge where Chronos would stand amongst the set and did user interviews to better understand the ideal persona I would be designing for.
Defining goals & flows
After the initial research, I proceeded to define how the business goals aligned with user goals for the project. I then created a site map to organize the website information as well as a task flow to imagine how a user would engage with the website. This was followed by user flow to imagine how a user would navigate through the website with variations of a specific task in mind.
After defining the flow, I decided which screens were needed and began to create the wireframes to explore the experience in more detail. The main focus was the trip booking flow which was a main goal for the project.
Final UI
After the logo was complete I proceeded with designing the user interface for desktop, executing usability tests and iterating on final designs.
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