I'm Angelica Nicolle Clemens.

I'm a UX/UI and graphic designer based out of Orange County, California. I have a background in fine arts and photography as well. When I'm not pushing pixels or snapping away on my camera, I paint abstract pieces on canvas, go on adventures with my husband, or lay around and devote all my love and attention to my two cats, Milo and Ravioli.

A photo of Angelica Clemens

My Career So Far

For the past 6 years, I have been working as a graphic designer and photographer with a couple companies as well as freelancing for a number of non-profits, church organizations and other companies. While I love creating designs for print and digital assets, I wanted to expand my design knowledge.

Editorial Design

Looking Ahead

To further my design skills, I enrolled into Designlab’s UX Academy to gain a better understanding of User Experience and User Interface knowledge. I now have a solid foundation to expand my design career and pivot towards designing with my passion for accessibility and inclusivity in mind.

UX/UI Design
User Research
Usability Testing

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